Stoppers in bag packaging

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Quality Standards of rubber plunger
(1) artificial synthetic butyl rubber
(2) compliance to the national butyl chloride &butyl bromide rubber plunger for prefillable syringes standard. (YBB00072004)(YBB00082004)
(3) compliance to USP<381>
rubber closures for injection
(4)compliance to EP< 3.2.9>
rubber closures for containers for aqueous parenteral preparations, for powders and for freeze-dried powders
(5) drug industries are responsible for compatibility lab between filling drug and butyl rubber plunger of prefillable syringes.

Product Property:
(1) compatibility with drug
(2) easy to push drug (slide well)
(3) tightness and water tightness are well
(4) Able to work as sterile protective screening
(5) Low permeability of gas
(6) compatible with silicone oil
(7) easy to insert plunger stopper for filling and packaging machine
(8) rubber plunger use two kinds of butyl rubber(chlorobutyl ,bromobutyl)